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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Genius of Jack Dolan....landspeed linguisticisms

This is a collection of posts from Jack Dolan ( Jack D) from . Jack has been involved in many significant landspeed contenders , has set many records but most of all had a way of putting it into words that not necessarily everyone agreed with, but gee they make great reading.....

Jan 24 2006:
A lifetime work is just that and deserves all the time you have
 over what ever length it takes for your satisfaction.
  Don't be consumed by it.
You are not playing to anybodys schedule but your own.
The idea is to get it ready for an event but never call it finished or you will be.

Jan 24 2006:
You guys are going to be vicious spectators that I wouldn't wish on anybody.
 Armed with a camera, a curious eye, and the time to use it.
 As part of your probation we expect a full report.
 Take a lot of pictures, we can turn them over when they get here.
How else are we going to know you were not just having fun while we have to stay home.
You must realize the blender deal is for medical use only, but you do have a Doctor and a Chaplain along.

Jan 31 2006(after what appeared to be  a naked picture of Dr Goggles was posted).......

The pictures were very inspirational and touched many hearts.
 Just this afternoon we have raised over $12k American and after I deduct my
usual fees we have enough left to get both of you in new clothing.
 Not any of that second hand stuff.
 We are going to put it with one of your regularly scheduled air drops every 3 months.
 We just missed the big Christmas deal but the first 1/4 will really go fast.
We hope that will help, actually we are really counting on it.
Jack wink

OBTW: BBB was a little concerned that it looks like you don't eat too good.
 Maybe if you don't spit out all the flies.

same day
 our politicians start out in a suit and end up naked.
The big difference is they are all much bigger in the end and the belly button is quite a distance from the backbone.
It looks like you are spending all your lunch money on the car again.

and again

Actually maybe not enough or the choice is wrong.
Be particularly careful when dating out of your species, sometimes they want a long term commitment.

Then when we couldn't get the tank ready in time I decided to build a sidecar for the Colonels Vespa...

Jack named it the "Marriage Mobile" and wrote this....

That Marriage Mobile sounds like you have given it a lot of thought.
 I see your business really booming.
 The only thing I might suggest is a small trailer suitable for vending.
 You don't want to let the crowd go away wanting. wink
 June 10 2006
Now is the time to stop feeding your driver because they tend to grow over time.

In hindsight Jack was right , after weighing in at 73kgs for 25 years I hit 40 and promptly put on 13kgs....

June 27 2006

If something works but it is not pretty, that is my favorite.
 If asked, I won't hint that it works but suggest it is just a temporary short cut until the pretty one gets back from polishing.
I have spent more time polishing off questions than polishing parts.
One of the most efficient aero packages I have ever seen is from a really unthought of source.
The true lines are confused to the on looker with a mish mash of stickers that trick the eye .
 The viewer will often dismiss it as junk.
Too bad for them.

June 28 2006

An aero package is used that is the result of some extensive and successful testing.
It's use at Bonneville is on another brand that one would not connect with the brand represented by the streamlining.
Dimensions in excess of those found to be successful will fail in less than ideal conditions that are seldom seen over the distances traveled.
"Good theoretical designs produce only theoretical results."
"It is better to watch first and then think instead of doing all the thinking first yourself and then end up just watching."

June 29 2006

"It shows ta go ya the Bellytank has not been perfected yet.
When they are, the Chinese will build them cheaper and everybody will have at least one.
LSR is safe for now.
Not enough people have figured how to make enough money yet and completely ruin it for those that choose to do it another way." wink
Aug 6 2006

The last water tank that Nolan built was measured to fit the frame in the nose just as tight as could be made.
IT was a beautiful job of fitted and welded aluminum.
It was all straight cut pieces with some folded corners and the rest was welded and fit pretty good.
That evening ,I came over to check on the progress and found the tank was all radius in the panels and really fit the space available.
 I had no idea who and how all that extra work happened , but now it was better than ever.
As we were locking up that night he said "I saw you looking at the tank and you never actually asked about it." What happened, was during the day he fired it up and chuffed a head gasket into the water jacket and the squeeze from 1 jug " PILLOW POOFED" the tank to fit.
It was an unintentional result ,but he silently enjoyed the credit for all the extra work.
 If you were brave enough to ask , he was brave enough to share the truth.
That is really the important part for both sides that needs more work.

more later

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